What Is CBD Oil Good For? Is It Worth The Hype?

Anger Pain And AnxietyWith the decriminalization of marijuana and its by-products in some states and countries, CBD oil is gaining popularity. You may have seen it on the news, on social media or maybe a friend said something. Regardless of where you saw or heard about CBD oil, you probably asked yourself, what is CBD oil good for? Kick back, relax and have a read as we look at the benefits of CBD oil and if it’s really worth the recent hype.

Conditions That CBD Oil May Offer Some Help With.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an active ingredient of cannabis. Normally when people think about anything to do with the cannabis plant, they associate it with its psychoactive properties. This is where you’re wrong because the plant is not all about getting high. CBD has none of the intoxicating characters of TCH, the compound that gets you “high”. Since you are not smoking the plant but taking it in oil form, there is barely any trace of THC.

So how exactly and what exactly can CBD oil do for you? Here are some conditions that CBD oil is good for. Take note that this may not be the case for everyone. We are all different people as such our bodies will react differently. This treatment is usually for use in conjunction with your current treatment under the watchful eye of your doctor.

Pain Relief

Sorry About Your PainUnfortunately, we all suffer from pain some time or the other. For those with chronic pain conditions and are in constant pain, CBD oil or topical treatments may be able to get rid of some of that pain. Conditions including arthritis, spinal cord injury, muscle pain, multiple sclerosis and a few other all got relief when using CBD oil.

The cannabis plant has a history for its use as a pain reliever. Back in the 19th and early 20th century, it was a natural pain remedy for many users. After the criminalization of the plant, it was not circulating as much and everyone forgot about this great plant.

CBD can now be put back to work due to various places lifting certain restrictions and allowing for the use of it again. CBD works hand-in-hand with our body’s endocannabinoid system and activates receptors in the central nervous system and in other parts of the body. This, in turn, eases pain and inflammation whether you decide to ingest or apply topically.

Neurodegenerative disorders

Other conditions that CBD oil can help those with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Several tests show that CBD oil decreases inflammation and the degeneration of neuron cells in the brain for those with Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, those with Parkinson’s slept better and generally had a better way of life.

CBD may offer some help to those suffering from epilepsy by reducing the number of seizures a person has. Research is currently ongoing to better understand how CBD can be a part of the treatment of epilepsy. Researchers are hoping that CBD oil proves to be safe and effective enough for seizure disorders.

A study done on 214 people with epilepsy in 2016, saw a drastic drop in the number of seizures a person experiences in a month. They were given doses of CBD oil for a period of 12 weeks and observed. However, that study also saw some persons experiencing adverse effects.

Depression and Anxiety

Man With Severe DepressionCBD oil may be your best bet since CBD oil is like a substance that your body creates. This substance is endo cannabidiol and its main purpose is to stimulate the receptors in your brain and throughout your body. These receptors control our mood, appetite among other things and if they are facing a lack of the endo cannabidiol chemical our mood is severely affected.

A few people took part in a trial and after ingesting CBD oil, they were able to reduce their anxiety enough to give a speech. Studies done on animals show that CBD helps to reduce stress, decrease heart rate, helps with insomnia as well as PTSD.

Heart Health

Did you know the leading cause of death in men is because of issues of the heart? Most suffer from high blood pressure and are at risks of suffering from a heart attack or stroke. With its anti-stress and anxiety-relieving properties, CBD oil has been proven to help reduce high blood pressure.

A Healthy HeartIn a recent test, a group of men were given a dose of CBD oil and put through a stress-inducing test that would normally increase blood pressure. Astonishingly, the men only had a small rise in their blood pressure readings. In animals, it shows that it has the ability to reduce inflammation and the death of cells which is common in those suffering from heart disease.

Skin problems

The use of CBD oil can help with certain skin complications like acne. Cannabidiol is an anti-inflammatory chemical compound and as such can help calm a skin flare-up. Experimental findings by the Journal of Clinical Investigation shows that CBD stops excessive activity in the sebaceous glands. These glands produce the oil-like substance that hydrates our skin so that it does not dry out.

What happens to a person suffering from acne is that their sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. As a result, they develop acne or experience a flare-up. That being said acne can develop for other reasons and is usually a combination of things that causes it. Ensure you talk to your dermatologist and see if CBD oil is right for your skin.

Cancer-related problems

Cancer symptoms are not only about cancer cell growth and its problems but also dealing with the side effects of the treatment you are using. Treatment such as chemotherapy leaves you feeling weak, queasy and going as far as making you throw up.

Although testing is in its early stages, CBD helps with issues that come along with cancer treatments and symptoms. It may reduce side-effects such as pain, nausea and vomiting. On the other hand, they are currently looking to see if CBD can prevent the growth of cancer cells. The results look promising but they need to do more human testing before they can say for sure.

How to take CBD oil?

CBD oil consist of the cannabidiol compound plus another oil that helps to dilute it. CBD usually comes in a bottle with a dropper and is for oral use. Moreover, CBD can come in different forms from capsules, gummies, sprays, creams, powder among others. Is CBD oil good for you?

Woman Being Treated For CancerTalk to your doctor and you’ll have your answer. Depending on the condition you’re suffering from, he will recommend the best way for you to reap the benefits of CBD oil. We highly recommend Green Roads CBD Oil for its purity and efficacy. It’s 99% pure CBD Oil with a 1% vegetable glycerin base.


To summarize, CBD oil can help to alleviate a few symptoms from various conditions and diseases. Discuss with your doctor first and you may find some relief. An important point to note is that it is not going to cure or replace your current treatment.

Your treatment together with CBD oil makes a more powerful combination when combating your illness. Research is still ongoing to better understand how CBD oil can help and thus far, the results seem promising.

On another note, you will want to make sure you purchase your CBD from a credible source such as Green Roads as we mentioned above. It is important to follow the laws in your state or country. This way you receive quality CBD oil and reap all benefits. Let’s hope science better helps you understand the cannabis plant so we can have a natural remedy to life’s many ailments.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Please feel free to leave comments and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to get back to you with 24-48 hours.

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12 thoughts on “What Is CBD Oil Good For? Is It Worth The Hype?”

  1. Wow it is so amazing what this oil can do. I guess so many people are against this plant because of what we know in the past how it was used but if this plant can help in these ways then it is not so bad as long as it is use to bring healing. Thanks so much for a well detail post

    • Thank you for your comments. Yes there is still stigma about CBD Oil because people associate it with Marijuana
      and they are totally different products. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or general questions pertaining to CBD Oil and edibles.

  2. I started taking CBD oil for knee pain about a month and a half ago, and it has worked miracles for me. While the pain has not completely disappeared yet, I can walk without pain now and I can bend my leg again, which I could not do before. So, I have experienced the pain relief anf decrease of inflammation thanks to CBD oil, and I can only recommend it highly.

    I didn’t know that CBD oil is like a substance our bodies create, the endo cannabidiol. Now it makes more sense to me why our bodies are such great receptors for CBD oil. (I am not a doctor, but that is how I see it 🙂 )

    I checked out the Green Roads website and they have some cool products there, even CBD chocolate and tea. Do even CBD tea and chocolate give you benefits?

    • Thank you for your great feedback on our products Our website http://www.HealthyGreenCBDOil.com as all of the Green Roads Products at a discount of 25% by adding Coupon Code 25NOW at checkout. If you have any questions about CBD Oils or edibles feel free to contact me and I will get back to you ASAP.

  3. hellooo dear, its really nice seeing such an amazing post i am glad i really got to see such an amazing post, i was acttually doing some research online when i saw your post, its really nice seeing such amazing content here, i really learnt lot about CBD oil that i never knew about, thanks alot, What a great site this,I am looking forward to sharing your link with like-minded people as I know they will be interested in joining you here to interact and share stories about these unique post, and I am sure you will offer some really interesting articles along the way so thank you

    • Thank you very much for your feed on my Post  What Is CBD Oil Good For? Is It Worth The Hype? We do a great deal of research prior to publishing a post to be sure we are conveying the proper and useful information to our readers. If you have any questions about this post or CBD products feel free to reach out to me and I will make it my business to get back to you quickly.

  4. I have only heard good things about CBD oil and all the things that it can help you with. I somehow wonder about cancer though. Maybe it is more of a preventative thing, as I know quite a few people who have died of cancer and were taking CBD oil. Maybe they started too late?

    For skin conditions, would you use it topically or orally?

    • Thank you for reading my post and for your feedback. There has been much study done on treating the side effects of Cancer such as taking for pain relief and to help eliminate nausea. As far as CBD curing cancer, no such evidence exists. Also please consult you doctor before starting a CBD regimen and don’t ever stop taking a medication without first consulting with you doctor.

      If you have any questions about CBD Oil or and of it’s by products feel free to contact me and I will get back to you promptly. If you would like to visit our website the URL is http://www.HealthyGreenCBDOil.com 

  5. Well! I will say the hype is quite worth it because cbd oil is rwlaly worth it and it is a great avenue to get the best supplement to treat virtually everything because it works wonders. I actually appreciate your overview of cbd oil here. The details you have provided about cbd oil is really great to see and thank you for sharing all of these out here. Thumbs up to you

    • Thank you very much for reading my post and for leaving your feedback for me. I really appreciate that because it give me an indication for what my readers want as far as content. If you have any questions about this post or about CBD Oil feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as quickly as i can.


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