CBD Oil, Is This Good for Fibromyalgia?

CBD For Fibromyalgia PainCBD Oil, Is This Good for Fibromyalgia? Generally, I struggled with various aches and pains during all times of the day and found these constant discomforts when going to sleep or when waking up in the morning. Also, feeling permanently tired and struggled to sleep, and psychologically struggled to cope.

What is CBD Oil

After visiting many doctors, psychologists, and health practitioners over the years, remaining tired and physically not coping well. I stumbled upon CBD oil, my life changed, and this is my story.

What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD oil? For people like us struggling with constant pain, we strive to find something better or more natural. We are becoming so tired of chemical-induced medicines, feeling sick just thinking about it. I decided to ask my Pharmacist and he advised me to try CBD oil. I didn’t know the remedy at all except the stories I heard. These stories focused on a drug that makes us feel high. But, after reading a bit, I realized I am totally on the wrong path.

No are pills for FibromyalgiaThe CBD oil refer to relates to cannabidiol existent in hemp plants and excludes the THC component. THC is the substance that makes us feel a bit “high”. Natural CBD oil products contain a fraction of THC. I decided to buy a bottle of CBD oil and I remember my Pharmacist told me that Green Roads was about the best product available. Oh, before I forget, THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. Thank God no more pills.

CBD for Fibromyalgia

After I developed an understanding of what CBD means, I wanted to know if CBD works for fibromyalgia. My next thing was to started reading to see if CBD would provide some kind of relief if from fibromyalgia. My research surprised me and I discovered the following. First, I aimed to understand my own experiences, for example, struggling with depression, constant inflammation, and pain. So, I realized CBD may decrease levels of pain, assists with depression and psychosis.

I must be honest that diverse debates still exist about the use of CBD for fibromyalgia. I had a chat with my doctor first to retrieve medical advice. But, in my world, I realized I feel significantly better and I suppose this counts. As with any remedy, I thought it best to look at alternatives. We all need to look into different options and it makes us feel more confident attempting to find different but quality products.

Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia

Eliminate Fibromyalgia pain wil CBD oilAlternative treatments for fibromyalgia exist in different forms. During my research, I aimed to identify other methods besides CBD and noticed a few popular names. For example, St. John’s Wort, SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine), or supplement intake of Magnesium or Melatonin. Now I felt although these options seem good; they cover either helping with sleep patterns or depression. None of them I find assists with all aspects of my medical condition.

CBD Oil Benefits for Fibromyalgia

CBD oil benefits for fibromyalgia include a couple of positives in my experience. I reverted to CBD oil and realizes it provides a more broad-spectrum approach to my problem. I identified a list of CBD oil benefits for fibromyalgia. For example, my sleep pattern changed, mentally I feel to cope with situations better, my mood swings feel less intense and my muscle pains decreased.

As much as CBD oil helps with my situation, sometimes I felt a bit down. Meaning my depression levels varies, and I needed to take a bit of a break from taking CBD. I decided to break the pattern. Similar to the intake of any medicine, our bodies become accustomed to it, and thought a little rest from CBD intake may help with my mood regulation.

This is my experience and I know every person reacts differently to remedies. My suggestion stays to start slow and discuss this option with our doctor first. I was actually wrong my mood swings returned without the CBD and as soon as I started it again the mood swings subsided dramatically.

The Best CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

Wanting to find a reliable and known product to help me with fibromyalgia. I realized Green Roads remains the best CBD  fibromyalgia. Green Roads products provides a broad spectrum of CBD oil available in different flavors. I trust Green Roads not only because of their magnificent website, but they also display a wide range of awards. This is for its product range. They are also presently doing a pilot program with The University of Florida in Gainesville because of the purity and efficacy of their products.


CBD oil is this good for fibromyalgia? In my experience and with confidence, yes it is. It allows me to experience a break from constant pains, discomfort, and disrupt sleeping patterns. I recommend this option to any person struggling with fibromyalgia.

Please leave comments for the is and if you have any questions about the post or any CBD Oils or products feel free to contact me directly and I will get back to you within 24 hours

All the best to everyone and please stay safe


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  1. My best friend has fibromyalgia (isn’t the word hard to write and to remember ?) and I will send her this article. Because maybe it can help her out with feeling less tired and having less pain. She most complaints about the pain, did CBD oil help you specifically with this ?

    Kind regards


    • Thank you for your feedback about Fibromyalgia. The reason I started selling CBD is because my sister was out of work for two years with Fibromyalgia pain and I was determined to find a product to help. The best I found is sold by Healthy Green CBD Oil in Florida. Their website is http://www.HealthyGreenCBDOil.com 

  2. Hey there, great article, thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been using this product for a while now, and I realized it has a positive impact on my overall well-being. Not only me, I’ve seen many others people say the same.

    I highly recommend it to people with sleep disruptions, pain, anxiety, and depression.

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work



  3. helllooo dear, tanks alot for sharing such an amazing post with us all, i must say when i first saw your website i wasnt sure of its sincerity, but i must say after reading through your content about CBD oil it really englightened me alot so much i had to save it so as to come back for future referencing, thanks alot for the info

    • Thank you for you feedback. It seems as if you may have some questions and if that’s the case feel free to contact us and I will personally get back to you promptly to answer any questions you may have about our products or this post.

  4. Thanks for sharing this great review on CBD oil, it is very helpful and informative educative to us all. After the hustling and bumbling one will want to cash so rest. It really painful when you to get the sleep and all of a sudden some part of the body will be painting you. It’s really sad. I know this post will go a long way help others 

    • Thank you for reading my post and for you kind feedback. CBD Oil is fairly new and many people have quite a few questions. Feel free to contact us and one of us will get back to you within 24-48 hours and sooner if possible.

  5. Hello There! What a great article you’ve got here.I’ve been using this product for a while now, and I realized it has a positive impact on me. Not only me, I’ve seen many other people say the same.I highly recommend it to people with sleep disruptions, pain, anxiety, and depression.Thanks for sharing this wonderful and great review with me, again,  


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