CBD As A Treatment for ADHD In Children

Child With ADHD
Angry kid covering his ears during therapy with in room with toys

Are we constantly the red face parent who receives a call from the school about our monster children? Let us talk about CBD as a treatment for ADHD in children. If so, our kids probably suffer from ADHD and continue to receive hidings from the big belly headmaster at school.

Parenthood remains one of those thrilled but extremely difficult tasks in life. Children make us either scream with laughter or allow us to cry crocodile tears. When the majestic universe attempts to give us an overly excited child, it makes it heart breakingly difficult.

What is ADHD And How Does Tt Affect Our Children

I also ask myself, what is the best CBD for ADHD? Before our hearts pump and the fear kicks in about the meaning of this abbreviation, let me explain. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It sounds so exceptionally scary, any parent wants to run away and hide in the forest.

Hoping that no children aliens may attack us. We at least reached a level to develop a small particle-like understanding of what ADHD means. Just to clarify, this disorder affects grown-ups as well. The big ugly monsters also stand the ability to suffer from ADHD.

I use the word suffer because this is not something we as humans ordered from the big caring universe. We find this over the moon frustrating but need to live with it. People probably ask me what I am talk about because I am referring to monsters and aliens.

Hyperactive Child With ADHD
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ADHD includes experiences of hyperactivity, concentration problems, and impulsive behavior. This sounds like my green-eyed little alien who drives me insane most of the time. I am certain parents blessed with ADHD children wanted to beam to another planet and ask another human being to look after their overactive offspring.

What is CBD Oil?

As parents, we always overly sensitive when it comes to our children. Even if they behave like green-eyed monsters, we want what is best for them. Before we even think of administering some strange oil to our children, we want to know where these juices come from.

CBD oil consists of an element named cannabidiol that occurs in a cannabis plant. Immediately we think of a child feeling “high” attempting to think like Batman. Here, we not talk about THC that makes some of our humans feel like Superman or any other interesting characters we know of.

After our parents realized that CBD oil derives from a natural plant and not an alien ship, it makes our tight nerves to relax a little. What is the best CBD for ADHD? We discovered the existence of fairy gardens that produce these wonderful CBD oils but need direction where and what to buy.

ADHD Child Having Difficulty Staying Focused
A elementary aged boy holds his head in his hands, looking stressed out, and overwhelmed by the wires and other electronic equipment on his school desk. There are other students at work in the background.

I allocated a lot of dreadful hours to find these magical places and order goods. After allocating many non-sleeping nights to find the best CBD for ADHD children, I eventually came across a product. I actually jumped in the air of excitement. The product glares at us, shouting buy me or we will suffer another green-eyed monster day.

CBD for ADHD children allows calming the little green aliens and making them feel less anxious. Yes, it is right; we think only big-eyed monster parents struggle with stress and anxiety. Our little angels also suffer from it, especially when they deal with a daily dose of ADHD.

Can We Use CBD Oil To Calm Our ADHD Children?

CBD oils for ADHD makes our little green-eyed angels less anxious and reduces hyperactivity. What do I mean by this? Our children become friendly trolls or fairies. They stop playing tennis on our newly purchased beds or test the durability of the exclusively branded couches.

I actually needed to sit still for a moment and think if I am at the right place or somewhere else. They sit still for over 2 minutes and listen when we ask them to pick up their clothes. This is really weird and out of the ordinary experience. This sounds like parent-child heaven to me, not so sure if the children agree with my saying.

ADHD Child Being Defiant
A bored child refusing to cooperate with his private teacher while doing homework.

To create a peaceful child troll requires the parent to purchase CBD oils for ADHD children from an accredited supplier. What do I mean by this? Do not purchase CBD oils for ADHD at the dodgy guy around the corner. Refer to accredited websites, for example, Green Roads.


The best CBD oils for ADHD children would include a low dosage product typically available at Green Roads.We parents, we need to keep in mind that the earthy taste normally makes our children less anxious for the next dose.

So, they may not initially enjoy this interesting out of the world taste. The hearing killing screaming sessions only lasts a second until our children lower their anger levels. They suddenly become more normal earthly beings and actually smile. My ears also receive a chance to rest a bit and my nerves drop their emotions of irritation.

CBD oils for anger plays a key role in the treatment process. ADHD children tend to feel frustrated because of the additional dosage of energy that mother earth issued them. Therefore, they go through anger, feel like a monster, and blame the ugly parent for it. Because CBD oil reduces anxiety, it generally makes our child feels less angry and they give us a long waited, loving hug.

I find administering CBD oil initially a bit scary. I worry so much I constantly feel the sweat dripping from my face. After I realized my child survived the dosage of CBD oil, my heart stopped making a noise like the washing machine.

Some of the best CBD oils for ADHD children arrive in different fruity flavors and help to create a bit of a funky taste. The happy calm environments without monster-like screaming made me and my child exceptionally happy. We smiled and laughed the whole day.

Angry Child With ADHDAs parents, we must understand that to change a green-eyed monster into a friendly troll needs some caution. Therefore, it stays best to visit our confused looking doctor, receive some well-thought-through data, and make an informed decision.


CBD for ADHD children offers a natural remedy to us, red face parents. It provides us with the ability to improve the lives of our little green-eyed aliens. Also, give our angry child-like monsters a method to calm their stormy seas.

It’s just a caution that parents should discuss these options with their doctors first. I almost forgot to mention that Green Roads offers CBD Fruit Bits in individual packs that taste great and the kids just love them.

Thank you for reading my post and please feel free to leave comments. If you have any questions about this post or the use of CBD oil just contact me and I will get back to you ASAP.

All the best to you



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  1. Hello there and thanks for your wonderful post.  One thing people need to realize is that cannabis has been used for millennia for medicinal reasons.  It only became demonized in the 20th century because of “Big Pharma” – mega-corporations that couldn’t patent a plant for their greedy purposes.  Therefore they lobbied (fancy word for bribed) governments to outlaw the use of cannabis.  Personally I have not used it , but I have plenty of friends who extolled its benefits.  There now seem to be many documentaries about the topic.  One of these I saw on Netflix, “A Life of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana (2017)”.  Another one was a documentary about a man who lived in my home province, “Run From the Cure”, which can be found on Youtube.  I live in Canada where the use of cannabis has been decriminalized in recent years. 



    • Hi David:

      Thank you for your great feedback. Another documentary you may want to watch on Netflix is called Grass Is Greener. It’s about how the government used the prohibition of Marijuana to fill the prisons with dark and black people. If you have any other questions about the post or about CBD Oil products feel free to contact me.


  2. Having kids suffering from ADHD can really be challenging both physically and emotionallybon both the kids and th eparents. Hence, seeing the fact that cbd can really work for it too is a really good thing and I really see it as a miracle product that works for almost everything perfectly well. Though I never knew that cbd can be used for treatments of these kind before. However, it is really good to see

    • Thank you for reading my post and for your feedback. My Grandson has ADHD and his doctor put him on Ability and Vyvanse and after I look at the side effects I said hell no and put him on CBD. The next month we went back to the doctor and he said I guess the Ability and Vyvanse are working well. I told him I never started it after reading the side effects and he said, Thank God because I would have loved to prescribe it but I would loose my license if I did. He said the CBD is running rings around the drugs and with no side effects. Now don’t go and take some off a medication that is only done by your doctor.


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