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With over 20 years of experience manufacturing and using CBD Oils and edibles, our goal is to keep your informed about the Pure Green CBD Oil of the highest quality for Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Products.

What Was My Reason To Start Selling CBD Oil

The reason I became involved in the CBD business was because of my grandson Brian who has ADHD. We took him to All Children’s Hospital to be evaluated and the Dr. put him on Abilify and Vyvanse.

After went filled the prescriptions and went home I started to research the 2 drugs and was extremely unhappy with the findings. The side effects were horrible including, loss of appetite, poor sleeping and permanent tremors were just a few of the side effects.

A Member of My Church Recommended CBD Oil

She told me that she was giving it to her son who was Autistic

And it helped a great deal in calming him down and stabilizing him quite well. The brand she recommended is Green Roads which is

99% pure CBD Oil and 1% vegetable glycerin base. And Co2 extracted with means not alcohol or other chemicals.

We Suddenly Had A Different Child

Within 24 hours we started to notice a change in Brian, no more flare-ups, no yelling and screaming for no apparent reason. He was sleeping better and his appetite was returning. Things were starting to look good at this point. He grades started in improve as well.

At this point I felt we were really on to something great and wondered why the Federal Government was so against it, but that’s a story for another article. Things just kept getting better from that point on. We now give Brian his CBD Drops in the morning and night and give him a few Gummies to take to school in the event he feels anxious and need to take the edge off. Maybe there really is something to this CBD Oil and it not just hype.

Let’s Try This For My Sister’s Severe Fibromyalgia

My sister Pat lives in Lubbock Texas and has suffered with Fibromyalgia for many years and I have her a call and told her how it had helped Brian and would she like to give it try to see if it would help her pain at all.

I send her a bottle of 1500mg Pure Spectrum CBD Oil and in a few days she called me crying. Pat’s husband Jerry is very sick so I thought something happened to him. So immediately I said is everything OK with Jerry and she said sure why wouldn’t it be.

Obviously my next question was then why are your crying and her response was “This is the 1st time in almost 5 years that I am almost totally pain free and I have only been taking the CBD Oil for 2 days.

Finding A Quality CBD Oil Was Not A Easy Task

The CBD Oil is pretty much an unregulated industry so I was very lucky to stumble upon the brand that The University of Florida was doing a pilot program with because of the purity and efficacy of the product and it was also voted number 1 CBD Oil in the United States for 2018 and 2019 I was certainly luck to find such a great product after reviewing

only six different companies since most of the CBD store near me were

carrying a ton of products that are marginal at best.

This Product Could Help People With Many Other Problems

My wife has such sever IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) that we couldn’t even go to a restaurant unless it was only a short distance from our home. When we planned a trip to see our son in San Francisco she wouldn’t eat for 2 days before we left for the trip. He isn’t 100% better but I would say 85% better that she was before she started taking Healthy Green CBD Oil.

Buying Pure Spectrum CBD Oil Is Very Important

With so many brands to choose from and everyone claiming theirs is the best how in the world do your know what your are buying. Pure CBD Oils are the only ones to buy and please don’t confuse hemp oil with Pure Green CBD Oil they are totally different products.

Hemp Oil is a great nutritional supplement, as far as it help with Inflammation, anxiety or pain look for a pure CBD Oil sale and with the number of products out there competing for your business your won’t have problem find a good pure spectrum CBD Oil.

CBD For Dogs With Arthritis And Anxiety

Don’t forget your pet dogs and cat they have separation anxiety when your leave them alone and some of them have very sever anxiety from thunderstorms and around the July 4th due to the noise of the fireworks.

It can also be very helpful for hip dysplasia in the larger dogs as well as

easing their pain associated with it. After all they are our best friends and deserve to life a comfortable and safe life just as much as we do.

The effects of CBD Oil for dogs has been praised by many veterinarians for how well it works without have to give them additional prescription drugs in addition to the CBD.

Just remember to read your labels carefully and always be sure your are buying a pure green CBD oil. Categories of CBD are Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum.


Our ultimate goal is to guide your through the semi-unregulated industry and point your toward the quality products your deserve so your aren’t wasting your money on inferior products

Please feel free to leave any comments and as always if your have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will get back to your with 24 hours.

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